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Only ONE valid concession pass can be used on an individual concession card at any one time. The concession pass can be activated up to seven days in advance of your intended travel start date. that the Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the Account Holder in respect of all matters in relation to the use of the EZ-Reload by GIRO Facility and the EZ-Reload by GIRO Enabled ez-link card; that EZ-Link and the Bank shall be entitled to establish the proper linkage between the Account and the said EZ-Reload by GIRO Enabled ez-link card; that EZ-Link shall be entitled to authorise the Bank and that the Bank … Here’s how to sign up for auto top-up at the AXS machine: 1. Select [DBS] or [POSB], followed by [Services]. 2.

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An expired card will stay in your Digital wallet for 28 days after the day it expired. The message You have no concession card to display will show if: you have a recently expired card; your card is no longer active due to no longer being on payment. Why you should keep your physical card. Some providers may not accept a digital copy of your card. EZ-LINK CARD Commuters can tap-and-go to pay for public transport. UPOS (Unified Point-Of-Sale) Merchants need only one terminal to accept all card payments from consumers.

Concession Cards. Land Transport Authority; PaymentLink Pte Ltd; EZ-Link Cards.

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Register now and link the Auto Top-up service to your preferred credit card or head down to the nearest General Ticketing Machine at MRT/LRT stations to apply via GIRO with DBS/POSB ATM card. You can link your concession card with your DBS/POSB savings or current account, via Auto Top-Up (ATU) by GIRO. Applications can be made at the General Ticketing Machines or Assisted Service Kiosks located at the MRT/LRT stations.

Giro link concession card

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Giro link concession card

You will have to top-up a minimum of $10 travel value to activate your Diploma Student Concession Card. Important Notes: Application for the Diploma Student Concession Card is optional.

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EnterCard. Swedbank Card samägda bolaget EnterCard. Skandia Link. 16 % Helt elektroniskt. 56,6 %. 51,6 %. • Giro.

Select Top-up and select the Account you wish to use. Remove your ATM/Debit/Credit Card and place your Ez-Link Credit/Debit Card on the Ez-link card holder. Cardholders will also be able to apply for Giro-link or Auto Top-up on their PAssion Silver Concession Cards. *Exclusions include tobacco products, infant milk powder, any other statutory products such as newspapers, concessionary booth sales, discounted items from the corporate brands range or staff discounts. ¹ For limited time period only. Update ez-link Card (for Top & Tap) 3.
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Iść do. Concession Cards  Enter the 6-digit ATU activation code and select 'Activate'. Register for Auto Top- Up by GIRO. We are currently introducing a new payment platform that will provide  Freshmen (Diploma Year 1 and Direct Entry Year 2) · Check your eligibility via TransitLink website [Link] · If eligible, proceed to submit your application via one of  GIRO is not applicable for SCALE students enrolled in Specialist bank account holder needs to log in with his/her credentials (user ID/PIN or ATM card/PIN).

This collaboration marks the first time that EZ-Link and NETS have come together to provide an interoperable payments system, the “start of a growing relationship [that] will Check out the nearest TransitLink Kiosk for self-help concession card replacement services * My Location Wherever you are, you can check out nearby bus stops, MRT stations and TransitLink facilities (CCROs, TOs, AVMs, TL Kiosks) Concession Card ===== * New Concession Card Application Apply for your concession card at your convenience The PAssion NSF Concession Card is an all-in-one card where NSFs can enjoy exclusive PAssion Card benefits and privileges in addition to concessionary fares on public transport. Pre-enlistees who have selected the PAssion NSF Concession Card will receive it when they report to their assigned unit on the day of enlistment. card or be wearing an official Queensland school uniform. These cards can be used on the above ferry services for a concession fare: You must show your current concession card to get a concession fare. A transport operator is entitled to request additional information to verify eligibility.
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CEPAS aims to open and level the micro-payment playing field.

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- Only accepts payment using DBS Bank, POSB or Citibank ATM card. - A $0.20 convenience fee for each top-up will be charged by EZ-Link.

You must have a valid concession card at the time of booking and at the time of travel.